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Team Carnage Gaming, LLC. 



Stay up to date with the latest news from Team Carnage Gaming, LLC!

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Team Carnage makes entry into the FPL!

Posted by TC Keating on February 3, 2017 at 12:35 AM Comments comments (37)

   Team Carnage Gaming, LLC. declared their entry into the Female Pro League scene on 2/2/17. Carnage has been in the search of a female Call of Duty roster since the end of Season 2 of the FPL. The roster will consist of:

Marissa "Shicky" Alcantara (Captain)

Paris "BeasttDiva" Delbosque

Leizelle "Squidgy" Mitchell

Sarai "QueenSlaya" Quinones

   The ladies have been on the grind doing team scrimmages and participating in gamebattles matches. They are eager and excited to be a part of the Carnage family and look to dominate in the Female Pro League qualifiers as well as the entire season!


HCS St. Louis Recap

Posted by TC Keating on February 3, 2017 at 12:05 AM Comments comments (327)

   “The UGC HCS 50k Qualifier is an event that took place at the Gateway Convention Center in Collinsville, Illinois on January 20-22, 2017. Halo 5: Guardians is played in 4v4 and FFA competition. Announced alongside the rest of the Halo World Championship 2017 news, the UGC Qualifier was originally set to immediately qualify three teams for the event, but the format was changed in early January. The stakes are now the $50,000 prize pool and seeding points which go towards future qualifiers.” -Halo.Wikis

   Team Carnage halo attended this event with a brand new 4th player “Shazam” alongside with Hypo, Callous, and Thurlian. Cruising through open bracket the roster was able to secure a top 24th placing in the open bracket of HCS St. Louis and a top 14th placing overall including each team at the event. The roster now has their sights set on HCS Las Vegas 2017 in March!


Link to bracket and placings: 

Link to all photos from the event:

New Call of Duty Roster/Attending MLG Las Vegas

Posted by TC Keating on December 12, 2016 at 5:25 PM Comments comments (1)


"NEW YORK, NY – Major League Gaming Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary of Activision Blizzard, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATVI), presents MLG VEGAS, a festival and fan experience taking place at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, on December 16-18. The three-day event will play host to the first open event of the Call of Duty World League (CWL), as well as an Overwatch® invitational, and End Game—a special lifestyle event celebrating digital culture."


"As the kick-off to the first event of CWL 2017, twelve North American teams will begin in pool play. An additional 96 teams will also compete in a double elimination open bracket for a spot on Championship Sunday with $100,000 prize pool. Eight of the top twelve pool play teams will be chosen based on placings of the top North American teams from the Call of Duty Championship. The remaining four teams will be awarded spots based on GameBattles tournament finishes. More information about the CWL 2017 season will be coming in the next few weeks. All players will be able to earn CWL Pro Points as part of the weekend’s competition."


"The event will also play host to a $100,000 invitational tournament featuring Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch. Eight top teams will do battle in the blockbuster new team-based shooter over the course of the weekend, pitting their diverse rosters of heroes armed with extraordinary weapons and incredible abilities against each other in pursuit of the crown. Fans around the world can watch the excitement via on the web and mobile devices, where the proprietary EVE (Enhanced Viewing Experience) technology will allow them to dive deeper into the stats, players, and teams during the broadcast for the first time in Overwatch competition."


"Standing at the intersection of esports, music, and digital culture, End Game will bring together thousands of eager esports fans under one roof for a huge celebration featuring interactive experiences, surprise musical performances and unique opportunities for content creators throughout the weekend."


“End Game is going to be the biggest celebration of esports culture in MLG’s history,” said Sundance DiGiovanni, VP of Brands and Content for Major League Gaming. “Video games are a dominant force in pop culture and have as much mindshare with this audience as music, art, or movies. When we looked at other festivals, we saw a huge hole in their programming, and Vegas presented an opportunity for us to celebrate these content creators, esports pros, and digital influencers. To put it simply, if you’re neglecting esports at your events, you are missing out on a huge passion point for a highly-engaged and creative audience.”


“The debut season of the CWL was a huge success thanks to our great fans around the world. We’re excited to begin the new competitive year live in Las Vegas,” said Rob Kostich, General Manager and Executive Vice President of Call of Duty, Activision. “This is just the first step in what’s going to be a great season. We look forward to seeing everyone in Las Vegas.” -Article Provided by MLG


We would like to introduce our newest addition to the Team Carnage Gaming Call of Duty division! 3/4 of these players have playing alongside each other for quite some time. They have been best friends since they were young and decided to begin competing in the Call of Duty eSports industry. With a phenomenal Top 9 placing at UMG South Carolina, 3/4 of these players are back together looking to dominate the Call of Duty scene. Please welcome the new North American Call of Duty roster for Team Carnage Gaming, LLC!

-Damajah "LaHGunna" Pellegrini (Captain)

-Angel "Macho" Morales

-AJ "Gunnex" Luccioni

-Tony "Riku" Nguyen

Team Carnage Halo Dominates at HCS Las Vegas!

Posted by TC Keating on December 2, 2016 at 4:45 PM Comments comments (81)

   "HCS Las Vegas 2016 is an HCS event hosted by Millennial eSports, most notably serving as the Fall 2016 HCS Open Circuit Finals and deciding the two amateur teams which qualify for Relegation. The event also features a separate Open Bracket and Championship Bracket featuring Pro League teams. The event takes place at the Neonopolis in Las Vegas, Nevada from November 18 - 20, 2016. Halo 5: Guardians is played in 4v4 and FFA competition. HCS Las Vegas is split into four portions. First, the $5,000 Astro-sponsored FFA, which takes place over Friday. On Saturday, an Open Bracket takes place, from which the top four teams move onto the Open Circuit Finals bracket to face the top four amateur teams from HCS Orange County 2016 and fight for one of the coveted Relegation spots. On Sunday, the Championship Bracket takes place, featuring the teams from the Open Circuit Finals alongside Pro League teams in a battle for a $25,000 prize pool." -Halo.EsportsWikis


   Team Carnage Halo came out dominating yet again in the Open Circuit steaming through teams. TC Halo made it to Quarterfinals in the open bracket eventually being defeated by Dynasty and being knocked into loser’s bracket. They then made a phenomenal run in loser’s bracket making it all the way to round 7. However, we unfortunately fell 3-1 against Excellence Gaming. The final placing Team Carnage Halo received at HCS Las Vegas is 7/8th in open bracket! To view all pictures from the event please visit:

Team Carnage Gaming Jerseys Now Available!

Posted by TC Keating on November 26, 2016 at 5:20 PM Comments comments (1)

   It’s finally here! The official Team Carnage Gaming jerseys are now available for purchase! The way the process will work is we will set a preorder date for the jerseys. During these dates, you can purchase the jersey in full. At the end of the preorder date all jerseys will begin processing. The processing of the jerseys will take roughly 2-4 weeks with an additional 2-3 business days for shipping. Once the preorder date has ended the jerseys will not be available until the next preorder date opens, so be sure to get your order in! To view the current preorder date please visit: If you have any questions regarding the purchase of a jersey, please contact [email protected]!

Team Carnage Halo is attending HCS Las Vegas!

Posted by TC Keating on November 15, 2016 at 6:55 PM Comments comments (33)

Team Carnage Halo will be attending HCS Las Vegas November 18th-20th hosted by Pro Gaming League. $25,000 is on the line for open bracket and $5,000 for the Free-for-all event taking place on Friday. The open bracket 4v4 event will kick off Saturday morning. There are currently two spots remaining in the relegation tournament the following month after HCS Las Vegas. The top teams in the finals will battle it out for one of those spots. Aside from open bracket, there will also be a championship bracket with the top 8 teams from the 2016 Fall Pro League. Team Carnage Halo looks to fly through open bracket and earn a possible spot in the top contending teams at the event. After a phenomenal placing at HCS Orange County (10th) they have stuck together and have been grinding everyday for Las Vegas.

Good luck to our North American Team Carnage Halo Roster at HCS Las Vegas!


Han "Hypotonic" Damani



Sean "Old Sko0 Ski1lz" Kim



Florantine "Thurlian" Abraham Rolle



Lazaro "Callous" De Los Reyes



Team Carnage Halo Attends HCS Orange County!

Posted by TC Keating on October 25, 2016 at 1:00 AM Comments comments (15)


   The first live event of the Fall 2016 Season opened up at HCS Orange County – both from the players and teams looking to place in the competitive Halo hierarchy, and from the fans and spectators, who were all eager to see how their favorites would perform under the glare of the live lights. When the final shot was fired, HCS Orange County saw several of those expectations met and exceeded, including by the event itself. With an atmosphere as exciting as the gameplay on display, the event has certainly set an epic table for HCS Las Vegas come November.


    Team Carnage Halo came out in full swing at HCS Orange County steaming through winners bracket, and clinching a spot to Championship Sunday. Unfortunately, by one series, they fell short from earning a spot in the HCS Las Vegas pool play bracket. TC Halo played their hearts out through the entire event eventually falling 0-3 to Team Liquid in the losers bracket of Championship Sunday. The final placing they received at HCS Orange County was 10th place. The roster is now preparing for future events and have more determination than ever!

To view all pictures from the event please visit: