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Team Carnage Gaming, LLC. 

Photo Gallery

2015 TC Public Crew (COD:Advanced Warfare) 2015 TC Public Crew (COD:Advanced Warfare) TC vs Zero 196833624 TC vs HG 196833751 TC vs VzR 196833753 TC vs Quantum 196833793 TC vs Kein 196833627 TC vs GKPx 196833811 TC vs FmG 196833817 Random Pub match 196833818 Random Pub match 196833819 Random Pub match 196833820 TC vs Parasite and Study 196833822 TC XB1 Public Clan *Stats are so low due to the K/D and W/L glitch in the beginning stages of the game. 196833865 TC XB1 Clan Leaderboards (Day1 Launch) *Picture taken on the release day of Advanced Warfare. Only included some of our Xbox members. 196833973 TC vs We are buns (Opponent team page) 196833631 TC vs Vitalize (Opponent team page) 196833632 TC vs UpRoar (Opponent team page) 196833634 TC vs Spot the Ghoster (Opponent team page) 196833842 TC vs sG (Opponent team page) 196833843 TC vs Pole (Opponent team page) 196833940 TC vs RooseveltDuo (Opponent team page) 196833942 TC XB1 Clan War Win 197694219 TC PSN Clan War Win 197694220 TC XB1 Clan War Win 197694221 TC XB1 Clan War Win 197694222 TC vs DTOX Their team left after the second round 197694340 TC vs ExTC 197694439 TC vs GKP 197694440 TC vs HGN 197694441 TC vs nF 197694443 TC vs NSK 197694445 TC vs oG 197694452 TC vs XZTK 197694454