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Team Carnage Gaming, LLC. also known as "Carnage" or "TC" is a professional electronic sports & entertainment organization established in 2007 by Michael Keating and Fahd Ahmed. Originally famed for its undisputed control of Call of Duty: World at War leaderboards and public Search and Destroy servers, TC has since retained similar relevance in subsequent Call of Duty installments, drawing the affiliation of hundreds of competitive gamers and the attention of thousands more. What began as a casual gaming crew has expanded into an active, open and welcoming community suitable for players of all levels. Team Carnage has multiple divisions varying from your standard Xbox and PlayStation all the way to Computer and iOS app games. Whether you are a young competitive player looking for a professional career or a middle-aged gamer looking to settle down and have some fun, Team Carnage Gaming has it all. TC is a force to be reckoned with, both in public servers and competitive esports tournaments/events. Join our community today!

Proudly sponsored by Twitch, Discord, GFuel Energy, XSplit, JerkyXP, and Evo9x. Use Code "TeamCarnage" or "Carnage" at checkout for a percentage off!

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